I’m Kirsten, and having been a part of the smok team since Oct 2014, I can certainly say I’ve learned a lot during my time here. With an interest in how stuff works, I enjoy being able to examine the finer details of how our projects are put together and develop on a day-to-day basis.

As a relatively small practice, everyone gets a look-in on everything that’s going on (whether we like it or not!). This provides the opportunity of familiarising oneself with a variety of job types, and how these develop within the studio & on site.

I consider myself lucky to have landed in the midst of the smok team, not only because of the hands-on work experience and the well-stocked biscuit tin, but because we actually have fun in the office. We’re a group of people who have more in common than just the fact we walk around on the same bit of laminate for nine hours a day. We share interests, tips, jokes (both good and bad), stories… you name it. And all of this makes it easier for me to ask the more serious, practice-based questions, discuss practicalities, or pick the brains of my more experienced colleagues in order to perform and contribute to the best of my ability.

Kirsten graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an Applied Design in Architecture MA in June 2014. Having grown up in Norway, she has a great love for the outdoors, and has also previously competed at a high level in show jumping. She completed her studies at London Metropolitan University to achieve her RIBA Part III in January 2016, allowing her to qualify as an architect.