I have been a member of smok since May 2017 and I have enjoyed the ride ever since.
With a background spanning from landscape design to high-end architectural solutions and exhibition design, I have found a stimulating environment at smok, where each individual’s interests and skills are fostered and considered as valid contributions to the everyday design process.
Our team comprises highly skilled professionals that work collaboratively and are driven by a shared interest in resolving architectural and construction complexities.  We tackle each project with an open-minded approach to clients’ needs, explored creatively in terms of driving concepts and effectively delivered within budget and programme.
It is since joining smok that I discovered how the resolution of technical challenges is a process that requires as much creativity as the initial concept designs. Setting the scene through the study of materials, forms and lighting interactions is combined with a focus on resolving in detail how it all comes together to form the desired output. Most of all we enjoy the process and are constantly learning from one another through working collaboratively and the supportive culture of the practice.

Maria undertook her Part I and Part II at Oxford Brookes University. Maria is currently working towards her Part III qualification at the AA. Maria tries to get back to her native home in Italy as often as possible, but also loves to attend lectures and head to exhibitions in her spare time.