I launched the practice in 2007 with the idea of combining design flair with cost-aware, effective delivery. Seeing this happen every day really does make me smile.

I’m a lover of knotty challenges and have a fondness for problem-solving which might explain the frequent requests I get to support existing complex projects as much as instigate new ones. I like solutions that really think about our clients’ needs because in my experience, outcomes designed around their aspirations rather than ours have more traction and are more successful.

Our ancestry is broad. Clients can rest assured that we have all the right skills and expertise, and for my part this is made up of more than 20 years’ experience of residential, mixed use, commercial and high-end residential projects for public and private sector clients including the University of Liverpool, the Cadogan Estate, Grosvenor and the Crown Estate.

I love how adaptable our business is and how we can respond to different sized projects without panicking. It’s great to see clients appreciate us for this and for our technical ability as much as our design. I’m determined to sustain this approach and while I sit in the driving seat, I work hard to keep one foot in the engine room and a close eye on every project. The day we’re too big to do that is the day I pack it in and join the circus.

Clive graduated from Birmingham School of Architecture in 1992 with a BA (Hons) Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture. Professional studies were completed at East London University and he became fully qualified as an Architect in 1996. Clive is an ARB registered architect and a member of the RIBA.